STAVRINOS BROS S.A.:  Textile producer and textile Finishing in Greece since 1948

Our Company is specialized in dyeing and finishing of a wide variety of fabrics on a Commission basis.

Our expertise in processing textiles, is more than 75 years long and provides a unique opportunity for textile manufacturers to process their fabrics in our State of the Art Machinery.

Due to our expertise in fabric finishing we can manufacture and supply a wide variety of fabrics to our customers

The mission of our Dyeing and Finishing Division is to provide high quality, high reliability, quick response, high fashion and high-tech textiles services.

Quality, Innovation and Creativity are our main goals for satisfied customers.

 Our Dyeing and Finishing department works on a commission basis and is one of the few left independent textile-finishing companies.

The protection of the environment and the job securing, are the foremost expressions of social awareness, crucial to the fulfillment of our company goals.